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From Wassily to Ambrogio: The tradition of the bent steel tube

Aesthetics and functionality, uniqueness of design and mass production, these are the criteria that inspired the architects and designers of the Bauhaus in Dessau and that revolutionized the industry of the early 1900s.
When he was director of the wood workshop at the Bauhaus, Marcel Breuer designed the Model B3 Chair, introducing cold-bent nickel-plated steel tubes into furniture production, making industrial-scale production methods faster.

Breuer had experimented with the use of steel tube for the construction of the Adler bicycle a few years earlier and decided to use steel tubes to build furniture alongside the Mannesmann company: in 1925 the first prototype of the chair appeared on the market. Sessanta became a mass product thanks to the Dino Gavina reissue with the name of Wassily.

The history of the choice of the name is linked to Kandinsky because, when Gavina learned that the famous painter had bought the first example of the B3 for his apartment, he decided to dedicate this chair to the founding artist of abstract painting.

Sedia Wassily
Sedia Wassily

Even today the Wassily is successfully produced by the famous Knoll firm of New York.
The story of Gavina’s success is just one of many in the panorama of Italian industry that, starting from the solid traditions of artistic craftsmanship and family factories with small-scale productions, has evolved thanks to the ability to combine the inventiveness and genius of our artisans with human resources and interactions with Universities and Polytechnics who guided the nascent industry also in the international field.

Servomuto Flli Reguitti
Flli Reguitti valet stand

Just think of Fontana Arte with the lamps by Giò Ponti, of Bialetti with the Moka, of Alessi with the pressed steel collections.
In this combination of craftsmanship, art and industry, Fratelli Reguitti, designed by Ico Parisi, produces the Servomuto wooden clothes rack with empty pockets and adjustable feet.
From wood to bent steel tube.
From the B3 you get to Ambrogio passing through the Brothers Reguitti valet stand, an all-Italian story written by Marco Bosisio Fisico CEO and founder of LUCECOCEPT and Francesca Beretta architect and designer company partner.

An Ambrogio for the whole family - The ambrose valet stand


Garment bag entirely Made in Italy with a Modern and Elegant Design. Made of a single curved steel tube to form Ergonomic supports and supported by a thin disc that guarantees a stable and safe support on the ground. High adhesion powder coated, bright white color.
Also available in a reduced Boy & Girl version for children in deep blue and fuchsia pink.
The essential design and small footprint that characterize it make it suitable for any room in the house while ensuring support surfaces suitable to accommodate the complete outfit of the day.

DIMENSIONS: Height 120 cm Width 45 Base diameter 40 cm

For the little ones: Ambrogino Girl, Ambrogino Boy

Ambrogino Girl
Ambrogino Boy

Powder coated in fuchsia pink and deep blue, it becomes a useful and witty piece of furniture for any bedroom. Each child will discover the daily pleasure of dressing this new friend with their own clothes that will always be sorted in their place.

DIMENSIONS: Height 90 cm Width 34 cm Base diameter 30 cm

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