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LuceConcept is a new and creative company founded in the heart of Brianza which embraces the value of “Made in Italy” by pursuing only high-quality, aesthetical, innovative products.

Our story

LuceConcept was founded in 2012 after gaining 10 years experience in electronic design of LED lighting products.

From the beginning we distinguished ourselves through our modernly-designed high-quality lighting products.

The careful search for innovative materials and ideas offered by the rentless development of LED technology, has allowed us to create exclusive projects with a high technological content.

We carefully select each and every one of our Italian artisans, which allows us to satisfy each and every one of our clients’ needs, even with limited, exclusive, custom series production.

Our Projects

Creativity, know-how and the focus on an entirely MADE IN ITALY production are LuceConcept’s strengths and are at disposal of design studios, architects and field specialists.

Every lamp is the result of a “concept” born from a designers sketch and developed through a thorough sequence of aesthetic, technical and functional analysis.

High lighting performance, visual comfort and sustainability are key features we pursue in every one of our clients’ requests, even the most demanding.

The equilibrium and the harmony between materials and the shapes are fundamental in order to achieve captivating designs, which are then enhanced by our MADE IN ITALY production process.

LuceConcept constantly invests in Research & Development to always be up-to-date and develop new technologies to meet and surpass the requirements of the market.



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LuceConcept is a young and creative company that was born in the heart of Brianza and summarizes the value of Made in Italy in the search for high aesthetic, technical and production quality.

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