Ambrogino Boy LED

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Design by Francesca Beretta

Modern and elegant clothes hanger, small size version for kids, entirely Made in Italy.
Stable and safe thanks to the thin, disc-shaped base. The curved steel tube provides ergonomic supports.
Powder coat, deep blue finish.
A useful and funny complement for every young bedroom.
The Led light turns Ambrogino Girl into a precious friend that softly lights up the bedroom during the night.
The power supply is also a handy battery charger for tablets and cellular phones.

Ambrogino Boy - Dimensions

Dimensions: A=30cm B=90cm C=34cm D=4mm E=20mm

Delivery time: 20 working days*

*Long delivery time is due to the fact that each of our lighting bodies is not built on industrial basis, but is the result of fine hand-crafted production. Those who have the patience to wait for a few days will appreciate its quality and care for every detail.

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Powder coated Deep Blue