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Skyline Top - LED lights

LuceConcept was founded in 2012 after 10 years experience in electronic designing of LED luminaires.

From the beginning we have been distinguishing ourselves through lighting products with modern design and top manufacturing quality.

Our continuous research for innovative materials and the improving LED technology have given us the cue to fulfill exclusive projects with high technological content.

We work with carefully selected Italian artisans who give us the ability to satisfy the most demanding customers and to manufacture tailor-made, exclusive and limited edition products.

Creativity, know-how and total MADE IN ITALY production are the main strengths of LuceConcept and are at the service of architects, architecture practices and professionals.


Below you can find some of the projects we had a leading role in, concerning design and production on high quality LED lighting solutions.

Are you an Architect or a Designer?

Luceconcept is the ideal partner to shape your ideas and your projects.

Thanks to the continuous research about materials and to the knowledge of the new frontiers opened by the Led technology, we are able to provide designers and architects with great and unique ideas for the development of innovative lighting solutions.

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